Call for Case Study Proposals: Meaningful Social Engagement Practices for Designing the Future Society

We will provide a special session at the 11th National Conference of Society for Serviceology to be held in Kyoto, Japan on March 8th through 10th, 2023.

Advantages for Selected Participants

✔ ¥100,000 for the first prize
✔ Free hotel stay for two nights in Kyoto, Japan during the conference period
✔ Conference registration fee exemption
✔ Unique and exceptional Kyoto city tour (optional, with a set fee)
✔ Online publication (with Online ISSN and DOI)


The Society for Serviceology (SfS) investigates scientific service systematization and encourages technology advancements for industrial problem solving. It also seeks to provide a collaboration platform for specialists in business and many academic sectors on services.

The annual domestic conference will be held in Kyoto University in Kyoto City, Japan, in 2023, with the topic of Serviceology in Designing the Future Society. Although the annual conference is primarily aimed at domestic participants in Japan, SfS would like to invite global scholars and practitioners to share their unique experiences and ideas in the form of case studies.

Living in an altered society as a result of the pandemic, we want to learn how to construct a better future via numerous examples and practices. The cases should demonstrate the project's aim, execution stage, and how diverse stakeholders collaborate.

For the chosen cases, complimentary conference entrance and two nights' hotel accommodations in Kyoto city center will be offered. In addition, a ¥100,000 reward will be awarded to the best case when it is presented at the Serviceology annual conference.


The Society for Serviceology (SfS) is looking for case studies of innovative project examples that mainstreamed meaningful social engagement techniques for shaping the future society. The goals are to:
  1. Understand how meaningful social engagement adds value to society revitalization;
  2. Identify the various barriers and enablers to meaningful social engagement; and
  3. Recognize how multi-stakeholders can be incentivized to embed meaningful social engagement in their initiatives.
Case study ideas should contain the following:
  • a summary of the planned case study, including the features to be researched, the study's goal, the reason for case selection, and the predicted results
  • a full overview of data sources and access processes
  • a data analysis strategy: how will diverse sources of information be classified and analyzed, and what is the process for leading the study, detecting patterns or trends, and developing insights?

How to Participate

Anyone who is interested! Academics, as well as students, entrepreneurs, public officials, and administrators, are all encouraged to apply.

Please send a 500-word proposal to by September 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. GMT+9.

All case study proposals will be reviewed by conference committee members. On-going project and work-in-progress are also eligible to apply. The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:
  • Project relevance in relation to research goals;
  • Alignment of project components with the topic of Designing the Future Society;
  • Uniqueness and creativity;
  • Depth and availability of project background and information.

Selected proposals will be turned into a case study. The final case studies will be presented at the conference in 2023.

Important dates

September 30th, 2022. Proposal Deadline
October 15th, 2022. Acceptance Notification
January 31st, 2023. Full paper Submission Deadline
March 8th – 10th , 2023. Serviceology Annual Conference in Kyoto, Japan